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Monetization solution for your website and app. You can implement ad codes and boost your revenue 30x times - with advanced ad technology and auto filter features the best monetization solution for your website with advanced programming ad technique for our publishers.

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How Mix2ads is Work!!

Watch our tutorial video how mix2ads increase the ad revenue for publishers and grow up there business.

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Let's increase your website and app revenue just simple click on register button and sumbit your request.

How Much time for Approval

Is take a 24/Hours Minimum for your account review. After approval you get the email.

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After approval you can implement our ad codes on your website and app the account is activate.

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Mix2ads Ad Network.

We Increase your Revenue 30X Times. You can Easily Monetize your Website and Application. Smart Header Bidding and Waterfall Feature are here for Ads Optimization. Video Ad Tags with New Technology. Our Work with 30+ Demand Partners.

Benefits of our publishers

Why mix2ads?

One of the key factors that sets us apart from other partners is our team of highly skilled ad optimization experts. While many partners offer similar technology, networks, and ad formats, we stand out by providing customized and personalized ad strategies for each publisher. This specialized approach to ad optimization is what helps us succeed and win in the industry.
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Default Publishers

At Mix2ads, Pay the publishers payment is NET30 Days for good quality traffic users.

Premium Publishers

At Mix2ads, Pay the premium publishers payment is NET-7 Days for high quality traffic users.


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Let's Monetize your Website and Increase 30X Revenue!!

Monetization Solution

  • Smart Header Bidding Option are Here
  • Automatic ADS Optimization System
  • High CPM Ad Units + Video Ads
  • 30+ Google ADx Demand Partner
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Website Publishers Happy with me.

Yes I can see 5000+ happy publishers for working with mix2ads. The are two reason my support team is 24/7 hours available. We helping for beginners to grow their business' with mix2ads - advanced ad technology features.

Website & App Monetize solution.

Yes' you can easily monetize your web and app and scale up your business. Maximize your revenue with premium ad technology header bidding and 30+ demand partnership

Display and Video Ad Unit format.

What' is the Video Ad and how is work. If you need a Highest eCPM rates and you have a low traffic so you can try Video ad technology is bring up your revenue 30X times with in-Stream and Out-Stream video ad formats.

We Work with 30+ Demand Partners